Die letzten Gartenarbeiten

Nass war er, der Oktober, gut für die Natur.

Viel zu warm war er, der Oktober, aber wenigstens hat es mal wieder richtig geregnet

Kalter Dauerregen
die letzten Gartenarbeiten
müssen warten

Cold steady rain
the last chores of fall
have to wait

Dieses Haiku nimmt Bezug auf das schöne Gedicht „Last Chores of Fall“ (Die letzten Arbeiten im Herbst) des Freundes und Dichters Jack Ridl:

Last Chores of Fall

The trace of November lingering
along the ridge behind our house,
the exhale of yellow-gold
within the stagger of oaks.
tells us it is time to move inside,
let our blood return to its quiet
wander, the year now browning
toward a sudden frost. This
afternoon I will slowly uproot
the impatiens, tossing
their gasps of pink, white,
and salmon into the dark
of the compost pile. Remembering
to bend at the knees, I’ll carry
the cracked and chipped pots
back to the garden’s shed,
stack them, letting the clay
of one pot settle into the dirt
in another. I’ll bring in
the geraniums, their twisted,
leggy stems nearly leafless
and cut them down to hopeful
nubs, then set them on the sill.
The dogs will watch as I wash
and dry the trowel my father
used for thirty years. Each
year he added another row
or two of flowers. I’ll hang
the trowel on its rusty nail.
The dogs will lift their mysterious
noses into the changing air, into
the smells of mud, moldering
leaves, the scent of approaching
snow along the stream below
the barren ridge. Then I will
turn back to the house, the sun
burning down early into its setting.

Jack Ridl

Used here with kind permisson of the author.



Jack Ridl
broken symmetry
Wayne State University Press, Detroit, USA
ISBN: 9780814335208

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